• Sharon Rundell of Inspiring Strength in Women

Can you spot reduce trouble areas?

If you focus on one particular spot on your body and exercise that area often, can you reduce your body fat in that spot?

The answer is actually NO.

Many people do still believe that it is possible to choose where fat can be lost on our bodies because of the continual misleading information found on the internet and in magazines. This belief has come from the idea that gaining muscle increases our metabolism, therefore resulting in fat reduction.

Many people think that fat loss in a specific area could be targeted by building muscle around it. Studies have shown that it is not possible to reduce fat in one area by exercising that body part alone. Muscle growth in an area does not reduce fat in that particular spot. Instead, fat is lost from the entire body as a result of following a healthy nutritious diet and enjoying regular exercise.

All body shapes are different, meaning, people carry fat in different places. Some locations on the body are more metabolically active than others, and those areas will lose weight quicker than those that are not as metabolically active.

With regular whole of body exercise, you can improve your metabolism, which will, in turn, increase the speed that your body burns fat. However, the real change comes when you combine your workouts with a healthy nutrition plan, reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake – that’s when

things will start to happen. It’s definitely true what they say “Abs are made in the kitchen!”.

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