“Sharon, you do an amazing job and I thoroughly enjoy every session. When I joined I only planned it to be short term, but I’m hooked. Thank you for your dedication to our fitness.”

Lynn Roberts, December 2020


“I am so glad I started coming to you Sharon, your smile and welcoming manner every single time is great. I know I complain a lot in the mornings, but it really is a great way to start my very busy day.”

Amanda Browning, December 2020


“I love the emails and fb posts for encouragement and celebration. Such a lovely community So much more than just a gym. I don’t always respond to fb posts, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your efforts to share and to celebrate people’s achievements. I think that is lovely.”

“I love the extra Super Saturday workouts … thank you!”

“I love the scenery, the cleanliness of the studio, the friendly and accepting people, the positive encouragement. Everyone is accepted for being themselves and that feels lovely. Keep it up. You are providing a wonderful community service! Thank you!

Lesley Friedrich, December 2020


“I can’t think of any changes to improve Inspiring Strength, because I believe that you offer the best experience in the fitness and health industry that I have ever been a member of. I think that the personal support that you continually offer us is one of the best qualities of your gym.”

Heather House, December 2020


“I can’t think of anything else I would improve at Inspiring Strength. The fact you are always developing and changing things, it’s never boring.”

Cheryl Willsdon, December 2020


“When I first messaged Sharon on facebook, and received her response, it was clear that her business was right for me. She made me feel so welcome and her dedication to my success really showed and made me want to join straight away. I have been able to reach my monthly goals to date, with the help of a 6 week challenge as part of Inspiring Strength in Women. I have now set new goals for 2021 which I’m excited to smash through!”

Jane Louis, December 2020


“My first impression was how welcoming everybody was, from the initial meeting with Sharon and Tracy, to the first sunrise session when I immediately felt comfortable in the group. That hasn’t changed from day 1 – this is an amazing group of women led by Sharon who is always positive and passionate, and Clare for constant advice and motivation.”

“My goal was fitness and weight loss, but the added results have been strength and self-confidence. I have a goal weight in mind, but it’s more about how good I feel in my body and the positive habits I have put in place.”

“I love the anticipation of each session and the sense of achievement at the end. The dawn sessions are really special and just a really great way to start the day.”

Rachel Berry, December 2020


“I highly recommend Inspiring Strength, you won’t regret it, just go. You will love the trainers and amazing women that attend, great crew, no judgement ever.”


“Inspiring Strength is in a league of it’s own, I would recommend it to anyone. Caring, sharing, motivating, encouraging and challenging and never boring. Our results are very noticeable in our body changes, which is what I need to keep me motivated. I just love everything we do. Feels like a small family, which I love. I’m just so glad I found you and your business Shazz!”


“Inspiring Strength is different because of the small group training, where you get individual attention to suit your needs. Big gyms fail miserably at this. A personal 1 to 1 trainer is too intense and expensive. Inspiring Strength is just right for me.”


“Since joining Inspiring Strength I am much more agile, more inclined to get up and go, both physically and mentally. I love the group atmosphere, the encouragement to everyone regardless of ability. “


“I feel so much better than before I started working out. My body looks and feels fitter and healthier, my balance has improved so much (this was a problem with my MS). I have a new bunch of girl friends and I feel like my life is more organized by making my 9.15am gym appointments each week. I have lost, and kept off, about 10kg, my tummy is firmer and flatter, I have more muscle on my arms and legs and I feel great overall (mind/body/spirit). Every single class is different and this makes it so interesting and it is never boring. Although it is a class with other people, I feel like I am being watched and encouraged as an individual and this really works for me. I love the music too!”

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